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Search for Sister Blue

Search for Sister Blue: A Play for Radio Play AH & AW Reed, 1975  

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Honey and Bitters

Honey and Bitters Poetry Pegasus Press, 1975 First collection of poetry.

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On The Tightrope

On the Tightrope Poetry 1978 Second collection of poetry.

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A Breed of Women

A Breed of Women Novel Harper & Row 1979 Synopsis A bestselling and influential novel, this compulsive story examines women’s changing lives. ‘One thing she had learnt was that she and Leonie belonged to a breed of women who were indestructible. They were survivors.’ Taking risks is something Harriet seems driven to do as she …

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Mandarin Summer

Mandarin Summer Novel Heinemann 1981 In 1946 Luke Freeman returns from the war and takes his wife, Constance, and eleven-year-old daughter, Emily to live in the Northland of New Zealand. It is only after they arrive that they find the land Luke bought from Brigadier Barnsley is useless. During the following drought-stricken summer the Freemans’ …

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Mrs Dixon & Friend

Mrs Dixon and Friend Short stories Heinemann 1982 Mrs Dixon and Friend sees Kidman returning to the theme of a woman’s search for individual identity which she first explored in A Breed of Women.

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Gone North

Gone North Text: Fiona Kidman Photographs: Jane Ussher Non-fiction Heinemann 1984 Synopsis Gone North is the result of a number of journeys through Northland by writer Fiona Kidman and photographer Jane Ussher. Fiona was brought up in Kerikeri and Waipu and believed she was on familiar territory although she quickly realised, as her journeys progressed, …

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Going to the Chathams

Going to the Chathams: Poems 1977–1984 Poetry Heinemann 1985 The author’s second collection of verse, including the long title poem.    

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Unsuitable Friends

Unsuitable Friends Short stories Century Hutchison 1988 Synopsis This collection of short stories includes Earthly Shadows, winner of the Mobil/New Zealand Outlook Short Story Award. The stories deal with women caught between action and its moral consequences and the responsibilities inherent in freedom of choice.

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Wellington Text: Fiona Kidman Photographs: Grant Sheehan Random House, 1989 Synopsis Those of us who love Wellington appreciate wonderful Indian summers when a haze falls across the brown and blue countryside, or the excitement of winter storms in which nobody is entirely safe; it is not a city for the faint-hearted.

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