Reviews for Beside the Dark Pool

Beside the Dark Pool cover

‘I was enchanted by Beside the Dark Pool. As well as the dazzling prose there is the author’s frankness and honesty about all aspects of her life.’ Beatties Book Blog

‘This latest instalment is just as engrossing [as ‘At the end of Darwin Road], a rich mix of anecdote, diary entry, narrative, literary reflection, along with social and political history….It’s a book in which recollections and incidents are consistently offered to the reader with an objective, factual scrutiny enriched by the author’s well-recognised superlative prose. ‘ NZ Herald

‘Kidman’s recounted experience as daughter, niece, wife, mother, grandmother – through 30 years of work, career and family tensions, political activism, writers friendships and feuds, eldercare, childcare – seems carefully judged. Nonetheless her services to literature now include a self-giving that goes beyond her championing of writers and the written word.’ Listener

‘Moments of decision. Standing on a lonely shore and experiencing the vastness of opportunity, the smallness of safe places. Choosing a heroine, a model or making your own important contribution – never mind the opposition – and coping with the fallout later. The abandonment and exhilaration of standing on the front lines of protest. Love. Friendship. Grief. And lines poetry always to hand.’ (With thanks to Paradoxical Cat blog)

‘The stuff of her family is incredibly moving -Fiona’s relationship with Ian [he contributes some marvellous stories directly to the narrative] especially their trips overseas together, and especially trips to Asia. A visit to Greece to find her son’s birth father is another highlight.’ (With thanks to Mary McCallum who launched Beside the Dark Pool at the French Embassy in June 2009)

‘This is a courageous book, with a clarity of description and an acceptance of her own foibles and those of others, that moves the reader to a deeper understanding of the circumstances described.’ Manawatu Standard