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Cover for book All the way to Summer

All the Way to Summer
Stories of love and longing
March 2020

To mark her 80th birthday, this volume brings together a variety of her previously published stories as well as several that are new or previously uncollected; all moving, insightful and written with love.

Cover for This Mortal BoyThis Mortal Boy
Fiction, July, 2018
A novel based on real people and the real events that led to one of the last executions in New Zealand. Albert Black, known as the ‘jukebox killer’, was only twenty when he was convicted of murdering another young man in a fight at a milk bar in Auckland on 26 July 1955. His crime fuelled growing moral panic about teenagers, and he was to hang less than five months later, the second-to-last person to be executed in New Zealand.

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A Day at the MoviesAll Day at the Movies
Fiction, Vintage, 2016

Life isn’t always like it appears in the movies. In 1952, Irene Sandle takes her young daughter to Motueka. Irene was widowed during the war and is seeking a new start and employment in the tobacco fields. There, she finds the reality of her life far removed from the glamour of the screen. Can there be romance and happy endings, or will circumstances repeat through the generations?

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Infinite AirThe Infinite Air
Fiction, Vintage, 2013

Aviator extraordinaire and international icon, Jean Batten was as elusive as she was glamorous. One of the world’s most courageous and daring aviators, she broke “men’s records” and became a legend. But who was Jean Batten and why did she die in obscurity in Majorca; lost to the world and buried in a pauper’s grave until a film crew came looking for her, some five years after her death?
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The Captive Wife coverThe Captive Wife
Fiction, Vintage, 2004

When Betty Guard steps ashore in Sydney, in 1834, she meets with a heroine’s welcome. Her survival during a four-month kidnapping ordeal amongst Taranaki Maori is hailed as nothing short of a miracle. But questions about what really happened slowly surface within the elite governing circles of the raw new town of Sydney.

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The Book of Secrets
Fiction, Vintage, 1999

In a creaking old house, in the Far North of New Zealand, lives an old woman called Maria, who some call the ‘witch of Waipu.’ Maria is descended from a line of strong women who have followed the fierce and charismatic preacher, Norman McLeod, across the world. McLeod and a group of crofters set off from Ullapool in the Highlands of Scotland in 1817, headed towards Nova Scotia.

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